Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Darkest Side of the Moon

Just a vinyl

Years can pass without a single trace of a single memory of someone or something.

Laying here in a new place with little much to do besides listening to music, I have found a collection of old albums and an B&O player from the late 80's. The collection holds many good names. Many of which I wouldn't mind putting on the record player without a split second to think.

But honestly, when my eyes fell on The Wall and a few seconds after on The Dark Side of the Moon I was at peace.

It's been years since I last visited any of these records on vinyl. Last time might have been in the zeroes. Time flies but music stays the same. Quite the same.

I cannot remember when I've last just placed myself on bed for the point of getting one with music.
Somehow it feels like my dark side. The one coming forward when you are slipping away from everything and everyone. That very feeling you feel when something takes a complete hold on your breath, mind and body.

The right music can be both mesmerizing and paralyzing. It can bring you places where you never thought you would walk. It can bring smiles, tears and cramps. Sometimes at once.

You never forget your first time.

Right now while Pink Floyd's The Wall are playing I remember that very first time. It makes smile and I can feel a small tear crawl its way down my chin.

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