Tuesday, January 19, 2016

For all of us

A path

No matter whom we are. What direction we swing. We are all faced with the same complication, when it comes to living next to someone.

Seldom do we meet the right one as a little kid. Seldom do meet the right one the first time. Sometimes we go back to the same person multiply times. Sometimes this will work out. Often it will not. But we still try. Again and again to make it work. Whether it is with the same person or are new. We all seek the passion we feel when we are in the middle of the beginning. We all enjoy the security middle of it all. We all kinda enjoy the drama of the aftermath, even thou it is exhausting to be in the middle of.

Love is a big part of our life. Always chasing it. Or leaving it. For is human it is a game. A play worthy of the stage. The light. The glamour. And of cause the curious people surrounding us.

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