Thursday, July 2, 2015

Rehabilitation and Food

A new line of work

It is a common thought; People going to prison are bad people - we should keep them at distance when they come out and try our best not to interact with them

So what then

But do they really deserve to be left behind without a second chance ? No, they are people like the rest of us and we should give them something to do, when they have served their time. Something which can keep them on the straight line of work and keep them away form their previously line of work.

Back to reality

With this thought on our mind, we have created a little group of mindfull people connected around a princip of food waste and rehabilitation.

The rehabilitation together with waste of food is thought of a way to give a semi normal job to people fresh out of prison and giving them normal work hours while giving them a feeling of belonging, together with a common sense of responsibility.

For many inmates the way back to life is a hard journey without many helping hands and in our company we have had a few test runs with people fresh out of prison, whom we have accepted as sort of handymans doing daily small jobs. Like helping with building of restaurants and bars, creative- and festivalspaces.

Right now we have 5 people in this sort of program, with different backgrounds and stories. They have showed us results in forms of hardwork, loyalty and a willing to continue when the jobs are getting hard and tiresome.

.. About food waste

Last year a program was created for a big danish festival, where a volunteer group gathered to collect the unused materials from foodshops at the festival. They brought all of the collected goods to nearby  slaughterhouse school where they cooked and stockpiled it all so they later on could distribute the food to shelters around the country. One of the brains behind this program put together an idea to do pretty much the same thing, just on a daily basis, in a larger danish town.

The concept

The concept is simple. Open up a Second Hand Food Shop. Collect unused food. Sells it at the store and deliver it to peoples homes. Have a focus specific on ecological food and food from smaller farms.