Friday, July 12, 2013

Memories of the Past

Forgetting what should be remembered

When you find something old of yours it is bound to trigger a memorie. Some memories hold happiness, while others hold tears. The deeper you dig into your old belongings the bigger the chance for stumping upon something you have forgotten about.

Today I stumped upon an event that happened to me a few years back. The event was both a happy and a sad memorie. It is a copy of an old letter of mine. One I have tried my best to hide from my self, while not throwing it out.

The letter states, what I was thinking around the time, and what I was feeling. The sad part of the letter was that I was saying goodbye to someone whom I did not think I would see again. The happy part of it was the respond I got from the letter.

Everything I had been thinking was only partly right, and I guess that was what I really learned back then. That there is two sides to every story, and that we, as persons, often forget about the other one. We only put our own out there, and closes our ears, when the other story is told.

Anyhow, sometimes it is a great thing to go through old stuff, and not only when you have to pack for a new home.