Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Inside

The Inside

.. of people. Both of the kinds. The Lovers and the Destroyers.

Both kinds lives side by side, doing their daily stuff without really noticing their own or the others. They are all blind to feelings of the world. Only feeling the feelings of their hearts. Following its every tic and tac. Whether it is helping the Lovers finding their hearts match or by helping the Destroyers count numbers in their treasuries. For, when it comes to the heart of kinds, the difference between is not wide, but rather like the thin air.

They look so much alike on the outside that it is hard for anyone on the sideline to see the real difference. Especially when you put it together with how blind the hearts of these kinds makes them. Both of them lacking the skills to see any further than their own hearts.

.. and that is the curse.

For how can these kinds survive in such a hostile world, where the kinds actions in the end will create the end ?

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