Friday, December 28, 2012

To send and receive - Letters

Writing letters

Right now. Right this moment. I feel like picking up a pen. A pen I can put to use on a piece of paper. A piece of paper where I will write down more than a few words. Words on what I am thinking right now. Right this moment. Not only thinking. No. I will write down a story. A story on what have happened since my last letter was writing.

Because, as I see it you can do one of two things in a letter, where

 1. is to write to someone you know, and wish them a happy something -or you can write to them from your vacation place.

 2. is to write something more personal to someone you hold close -or someone you trust enough to leave them a personal thought.

Personally, I do not care a lot for the first type of letters. Not the wish you nor the I am on vacation. Why? Simply because they represent something that is above what I am doing when I am writing anything down. Above, you might ask? Well, from where I see it, a message to someone you know, might be familie might be friends, should contain more than this is where I am right now (in a few linies) or I hope you are doing great and happy.. something.. something.

For me a letter should contain something of importance to you. What happens around you right this moment, could be what you are putting down on the paper. I mean, the very moment where you sit down to write someone a letter. That very moment is something special. Maybe not for the person next to you, but to you it is. No matter if you are thinking about it or not. At some level your mind are thinking about the person you are writing to. Thinking about what you have done together or what you have talked about. All of these things shapes into the letter. Maybe it is not the words directly, but it will be there. Because the rhythm and tone of the letter will come from your state of mind, when it have the person and the memories floating around.

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