Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Did You Do It ?

Saying it is pretty simple

.. but to mean it is something else

"Have you ever thought about changing something bigger than just your cabinet of clothing?"
Me, 2011

If you haven't you should think about spreading your wings and try it out. I am not talking about all the gift cards you can buy in the Christmas period. I am not talking about giving a few cents or smokes to a stranger begging on the street.

I am talking about the bigger scheme of things. I am talking about actually changing more than just helping someone momentally and maybe help them again on a later note.

Have you thought about sitting down and talking to the person sitting on the ground outside your apartment, bus terminal and asking them about their story ? If not, you should take it up to consideration.  The consideration could give you more than the 'thank you'-smile, you would normally receive from such a person.

.. and who knows. This person might bring a story to the table which is both richer and more living than the life you are living.

I am not stating that this would be chase, and to be fair, there would probably be more than a few lengths between these kinds of stories. Have in mind; this is a person whom is not getting the same questions as you do at the end of the day. This is a person whom is living out there, with the likes and more shady types.

They are often curious to know why you are asking the questions you ask, and to be fair, you might want to have a reason to do so. Not a reason of total relevance, as in "I need this for a paper" or "This is not healthy for you". No, you might want to approach them with a line a little like this "Well, I got a busy schedule and right now I have a little time to spare.. Have a smoke and tell me about..".