Sunday, November 11, 2012

A little side note on politics

Thoughts on politics

  Giving the circumstances, I would say that there is a lot of ways going around politics and the way the politics are progressing in todays world.

  Sure, we have democracy and democracy seems to be spread to more lands by the years. People are seeing the potential of the ways we, the people, have some says in what should happen around us. But as the world grows bigger, not literally, the democracy seems, to me, as a mechanismen whom are growing a little old. We seems satisfied for now with what democracy gives us but as I see it we are beginning to see the limits of what democracy can give us.

  By that I mean - democracy as it self is a great tool to organise communities and even countries but at the same time it holds and stops some development in these communities/countries because of what it is. A mechanism that gives a code of living, made by the people for the people, but what happens when this code shall be the way of living for the whole world or merely for more than a hundred million people? How can one group of people set of rules of millions and hope this to be enough to cover all of the individuals ways of living? Of cause we can make some rules that will fit nearly everyone but, when you are trying to cover just what amount of people whom are living in Denmark, then again you have so many different people - different religions and philosophies of life that you surely can not favor all of them.. and what are you doing with the people you can not make room for in the politics? Well, you leave them behind saying they can vote for something else in the next election, hope for something better next time or they are told to go on a compromise with what they believe in.

  For me democracy is a great enough tool for now but at the same time I believe we in the near future will have to evolve our way of thinking about democracy and change how we are doing things in the political arena.