Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Darkness on the Mind and what it Creates

(The right picture of the evening should be something like this)

Covered by Darkness

  There is something amazing over a road covered by complete darkness, only to be lit up by the few light from cars driving in front and behind you. Of course there is the lights on your own vehicle but they are just adding to the feeling of the pureness the darkness creates around you and the car.

  It might be a fantasy feeling of something I create for myself to make the surroundings more attractive. Then again, why wouldn't the it all be more than just a glimpse of my imagination?

  Well, it could also just be a little part of the spectrum of what I find beautiful.
    I will go with this one. The last one. The one about what I saw just being plane beautiful. I kinda like this one the more. Which might have something to do with the fact that I think happiness streams from what you find attractive and what you find disgusting.

  Thinking a bit more about it. I am guessing some of the people I know would refer to me as being plane weird, when it comes to stuff like this. I guess they have a stuck up way of looking at the world. Then again those people are often the ones who seems to forget about creative thinking and are the ones who enjoy the sterile way of living. The kind of way to live your life were you enjoy what is referred to as "normal" and "practical".

  Not that there is something wrong with what choices they make here in life, but I myself am not particular sure if I am one of these people. To fair, I am probably not. I might be just a little to off on the "normal" switch, but it does not mean I am not finding myself in their company. Because these types of people are often what is must inspiring about my surroundings.

  When I say I might be a little off, then I should also mention that I do enjoy something which is a little bit off as well. Something like what I find in this picture. The beautifulness of what my mind could, can and probably will create in these spaces of darkness.

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