Thursday, August 30, 2012

Easy does it, and hardness makes it worse ?


Easy being, what you think you should be able to overcome in a few moments, something you have no problems doing or something you will fall asleep over because your mind gets to tired from the simple simplicity of the work.

Hard being the opposite of easy. Being what you can not overcome, what you wish someone could help you out with. Wish somebody else might would have done instead of you.

So where ?

Of course there are things in between but that is not really where I am going with this. No, where I am going with this is; people. You are a human being and so is the person next to you and just because something is easy or something is hard does not mean you should have to do it alone. Often things gets funnier, and whats so now, if you are two or more doing a job. If the job is easy, then you have someone to kill the time with and if the job is hard, then you someone you can smile and laugh with, while the extra use of your skills is not giving you extra stress or tiredness.

Imagine if you had to do everything by yourself. You would probably go crazy by the time you had lived a few moments. Even those of you being tired of how stupid or annoying people are around you. Imagine if you had no one and you could only look at yourself for mistakes and for comparison. You would probably not last to long. In the end your life is build on a foundation of others. Not necessarily people like yourself but non the less people.

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