Friday, July 6, 2012

The 5 Punctuations of Love

For me love have always been a big mystery
I have never been able to control whom I fall in love with
Nor have I really cared

Years back I was in love with a girl
She told me the smell of another person was importent for us
When we met someone new

I am not talking about the perfume or deodorant they are using
I am talking about their everyday smell
Their "unique" smell

Knowing this
My illusion surrounding love changed
Changed for good

I did no longer really and truly believe in love in first sight
Nor did I really believe in love being a big mystery
Love became a object to me

So it went on for years after

I met someone special
She turned around my believes
She taught me to enjoy the ride into the unknown

Taught me to enjoy
the Adventure