Friday, July 20, 2012

What is Comforting ?

I once heard a song

It went a little on the lines:

"I don't feel alright
in spite of these comforting
sounds you make"
- Mew

It is a song made by a band called Mew,
  a danish band with a special touch on the lyric part of their songs.

This song, I am quoting, is only partly the why in why I am making this post
The real reason is what is behind the words
'Comforting Sounds'

For a moment I would like you to stop thinking about anything at all. Stop your wondering about this and that. Breath in and out. Let go. Let yourself embrace something simple this time. One simple thing to wonder about. Let your mindset embrace two words:

'Comforting Sounds'

What comes into mind ?
For me, and to be honest I can only speak for myself, the voices of my friends and families comes into mind. Not music, neither sounds of the ocean nor the wind. My friends and families. Their voices are what is truly comforting for me.

.. and well, I have to say thank you, to you, girl with the Mew-hat, you have introduced me to a number of truly beautiful moments of pure well composed music.
"I appreciate the music and the moments"
- Me

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