Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Two sides of dialog - Understanding

Let us play a little game, said the little one to the big one.

A game, you say, said the big one back at the little one.

Yea, a game and it goes a little like this, the little one responded.

I do not get it, how do we play, asked the big one.

Like this, the little one sighed and continued with a question, I take it you can not see it

I could continue the story of the little one and the big one but I am not really sure where the story goes, or how you could possible be able to get what they would play. Especially because I made the big one be a character who needed to be able to see to understand and I made the little one a character who needed understanding between the lines to be able to be understood.

On a ground level, so to speak, the two characters, I created, would never have been able to understand the thoughts of each other. Meaning I created a problem before I even typed one word and I probably created more than just one problem, because I left out any explanation of the surroundings making it hard for the reader of the dialog to get what the game was or at least you would have to read between the lines to get a clue at what game the little one was running on the big one.

I guess my real point might be something along the lines of us humans not being able to understand everything we are presented with. Sometimes we need explanations and sometimes we should just step back and let some one else take over the understanding of things.

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