Thursday, July 26, 2012

2nd list - To Do

Making my first list was fun..
  Answering all five questions,
    within such a short amount of time was hard.

Therefore I would like to try it all again,
this time around I will change the list a little

I will make a to do list instead of a question list
I will give myself 48 hours instead of 24 hours
I will give myself one obstruction per thing 

  I will post a list containing 5 things to do
    Things I will have to do within 48 hours of this blogpost

My 5 To Do

  1. Draw something without lines
  2. Explain something without words
  3. Make card art without any cards
  4. Create a dialog without persons
  5. Do a writing blogpost without using any computer typed words

.. And I will comment and conclude on the 5 To Do
in a separate blogpost
after I am done with the list

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