Tuesday, July 10, 2012

1st list - question one

What do I enjoy drawing the most

To be honost I am not quite sure

if I had to choose I would say


Why eyes, you might want to ask. Well, I recently read a paper on the human fascination of their own bodies. I know this could be a reference to our self absorbed way of living,
  that is not quite correct.

No, for what I mean is; we human beings are really fascinated by a few parts of own anatomy, when it comes to drawing. One of these parts, of the human body, we are drawn to are the human eye. Which could be an explanation for my own fascination of the human eye.

It is partly true.

  As always, or nearly so, I have yet another reason for being fascinated by the human eye, not only when it comes to drawing things
  also when it comes to more everyday matters - like meeting girls etc.

When I was little I was in an accident, not one of the "common" accidents, no, I came out for a little more "rare" accident. If there is such a thing as a classifier for common, uncommon and rare accidents.

While sitting in back of a large playground, I played with a few of my old friends. Surrounded, as we were, with thorn trees they were the perfect object to play around with. To shorten a long story down I was hit in my right eye with a nasty long thorn and I have ever since dealt with the problems you get from having a "fake" eye lens.

Problems which have had me spekulation and wonder about the human eye, its functions and uses.

... And so I do hope to have answered the first of my five questions.