Sunday, June 10, 2012

The white haired girl and the brunette

Some time ago I meet this wonderful girl, well, at that point I did not know how wonderful, but I was soon to learn.

The story goes a little like this;
  Out walking, we, a little group of people, ran into two girls, a brunette and a white haired girl. Someone from our group recognized them as their friends and we joined and merged into a larger group. The two girls were out for a few drinks and so were we. Therefore we found a close place and sat down.
  Being one of the only boys in the group I ended up sitting with one of my better friends and he had placed him self near the girls.
  Myself, well, I grabbed the chair next the to "new" brunette, while the white haired, and, in my eyes, more interesting girl, sat across the table next to my friend. Under the first round of drinks my friend and I battled for the attention of the white haired girl.
  He got it.
  The brunette took her chance at me and said, "Hey.. ", having given up on the white haired I changed my attention to the brunette. I did not however hear her name, which might have been rude but it seemed our conversation survived without me knowing her name.
  We talked for a few minutes, and jumped from topic to topic, and from time to time she spinned her name into the talk though topics like how her parents had found the name for her. After, what felt like, a few minutes my friend directed his attention towards me and tells me he is going back to the hotel with the white haired.
  I directed my eyes at him and realized the group now had split up and the four of us were the only one left.
  My friend was still waiting for my response. I nod and told him: "Remember to get some sleep we have a early day tomorrow !".
  The brunette started laughing, "It might be a little to late to get some sleep", she took a short break while taking in air, "See, the sun is coming up !", she leaned back, not laughing anymore, just smiling. I looked at her, still not remembering her name, but I knew she was special.

  Later I learned her name
that is another story