Friday, June 15, 2012

A glimpse into their world

  Being where girls does not expect you to be, well, it gives you, from time to time, a weird view into a totally different world.

  A world made up with an alternate world order. A world so complex that we boys cannot even behing to comprehend what it is.

  It was this very world I had a glance into and I have to tell you guys what met my eyes was not pretty. Not pretty at all.

  It was like the whole world was turned up side down. Everything had gone from being light, warm and cute to being dark, cold and brutal. It seemed there was only one rule in this place. The rule of power.

  Like our world they had a hierarchy but that is the only thing our two worlds have in common. Because from my point of view their way climb up the latter was by evil misdeeds, bitching and backstabbing. No, those few things were only a tiny bit of the bag of tricks they used ! I can not speak more about what I saw because even the slightest thought about it tears my mind apart.

  No, I cannot begin to understand why they would not do it like us men. Our way of resolving our issues are way better. Example:
  A girl gets a glimpse into our world. Two men are sitting at a table drinking beers. One of the men say something and the other one does not agree on it. The other guy shakes his head and grabes his beer to take a sip. The first guy starts yelling at the other guy and after a few seconds his throat is drying out and he takes a sip of his own beer. The air fills with silence and the other guys looks at the first guy and says "What was it we were talking about ?".