Sunday, May 6, 2012

Girls and their boys

A while back one of my friends came to me
  asked me for an advise in a picky situation of hers.

There was a boy in her school,
  a boy she kinda liked
  whom had given her more
               than a few signals of interest.

I told her the only thing for her to do,
  was to kiss the boy

She laughed at me and went red,
  She told me to give her a better answer
  I told her the kiss was the best thing to go with.

A few month later I was at a party
  where both of them were
  She was obvious now in love with the boy
  he were still glancing at little to much at her

I told her once again to kiss the boy
  get it out of the system, I said.

She laughed at me and went red,
  this time I was prepared.

I got her drunk
  told her to do it.

She finally pulled herself together
   she did finally kiss the boy.

The boy went red after the kiss,
  looked her in the eyes
  said; "Sorry, but I got a girlfriend now .."