Monday, May 14, 2012

A Dice for You

   I became lonely at some point during my travels, and I found myself looking for company. A few days later I found what I was looking for. I was sitting on train traveling from one point  to another in Indonesia and a few seats away from me was another young traveler, just like myself. She sat by the window and the sun shone on her right side and blurred most of her features. I did however see the smile in her eyes, when she turned her head and looked into my very own blue eyes.

   I was sold from that very moment and could not help but move over to a seat near her. Unfortunately the only seat free was the seat behind her. While sitting there, behind her, I was unable to speak, so I had no choice but to think about another solution. Finally. I pulled myself together and wrote, with a shaking hand, this very note.

   I folded it with two dices and pushed it through the tiny space between our seats. I waited a few seconds for a reaction, which came only a few seconds later.

   She laughed and it sounded to me like an angel had come to visit us. Her head appeared above her seat and looked down at me:

   "When and where ?".

   It all happened so fast and after a short moment we where standing at a train station in the middle of nowhere with a town name I still can not pronounce. She kissed me, showed me the dices and ran.

  I ran after, and we kept playing for a while.