Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Darkest Side of the Moon

Just a vinyl

Years can pass without a single trace of a single memory of someone or something.

Laying here in a new place with little much to do besides listening to music, I have found a collection of old albums and an B&O player from the late 80's. The collection holds many good names. Many of which I wouldn't mind putting on the record player without a split second to think.

But honestly, when my eyes fell on The Wall and a few seconds after on The Dark Side of the Moon I was at peace.

It's been years since I last visited any of these records on vinyl. Last time might have been in the zeroes. Time flies but music stays the same. Quite the same.

I cannot remember when I've last just placed myself on bed for the point of getting one with music.
Somehow it feels like my dark side. The one coming forward when you are slipping away from everything and everyone. That very feeling you feel when something takes a complete hold on your breath, mind and body.

The right music can be both mesmerizing and paralyzing. It can bring you places where you never thought you would walk. It can bring smiles, tears and cramps. Sometimes at once.

You never forget your first time.

Right now while Pink Floyd's The Wall are playing I remember that very first time. It makes smile and I can feel a small tear crawl its way down my chin.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Conversation Between Two Lovers About Love

Will it happen again ?

“I love you. I don't get why but I do. I should let you leave. Move on. I’m just afraid that I—I’m just afraid that my warm heart will turn cold again. I’m afraid that I won’t have the chance that I had with you ever again“

“You will”

“How can you say that ?“

“Because I am just a guy who meet a girl and you are just a girl who meet a guy. A heart can be taken, maybe even owned for a time but it will never be for eternity. We are to many asking for the same heart. Ones heart is just cold or warm for a split moment in our infinite time”

“Is that an apology for sleeping with another heart ?”

“No, it is about you finding someone better than me”

“I don't get you”

“I know”

Saturday, January 23, 2016


How do you stop yourself when you are about to make a bigger mistake. An action you know you shouldn't take. One where you already know the outcome.

You keep yourself in line by deleting every possible way of connection. You drink you brain away and hope in doing so you forget her basic information.

But you don't. Do you ? No. No, is the clear answer to the question.

So what then ? What are you supposed to do when you no longer can keep someone out of mind by drinking, working, fucking and travelling?

I do not have the answer, but the answer is out there somewhere. I know it. I'm just waiting for it to arrive... and I have been waiting for it to arrive for nearly three years now.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

For all of us

A path

No matter whom we are. What direction we swing. We are all faced with the same complication, when it comes to living next to someone.

Seldom do we meet the right one as a little kid. Seldom do meet the right one the first time. Sometimes we go back to the same person multiply times. Sometimes this will work out. Often it will not. But we still try. Again and again to make it work. Whether it is with the same person or are new. We all seek the passion we feel when we are in the middle of the beginning. We all enjoy the security middle of it all. We all kinda enjoy the drama of the aftermath, even thou it is exhausting to be in the middle of.

Love is a big part of our life. Always chasing it. Or leaving it. For is human it is a game. A play worthy of the stage. The light. The glamour. And of cause the curious people surrounding us.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Pure hearted art or stolen art

A piece of mind is all it takes to begin.
Begin a new cycle and a new start.
That is the thing about art.
To create something only takes a momentarily split second.
After the split the idea is generated.
Created in a small part of the brain.
Pushed away only to be put forward when the idea receives the right inspiration to be more than a mere thought line.
Then the creation is whole.
Can be put to live.
No longer does it matter.
Whether the creations originality was stolen or pure from the heart

Sunday, October 25, 2015

What is art

I recently sat down with an artist friend. Young and in my eyes talented. I have been hooked on his creations for more than a year now and before the summer began I made a deal with him.

I gave him canvas and paint and in return I would receive a painting. He agreed.

It was the beginning of many visits. Talks. Showcases. Ideas. New creations.

He had for some planned to travel to a beach on the northern area of the country. To stay a place with nothing much besides his art and fresh air.

Leaving he brought with a single backpack with paint, food, some cloth and a few meters of canvas. A walking stick and a stray hat.

He then lived

Monday, September 28, 2015

The Window of now, then and tomorrow


I am sitting near the window in a room where I am currently stationed. Stationed as a workingman with the title of consultant for a think tank. The title in itself is quite meaningless. It does not describe at all what I do. I am reading through local notes and official statements from the local government. Trying to figure out where to develop innovative ideas and small shops, which can create some sort of recreational circle of money making.

I have been doing so for a year now and I am no further down the road. Well, I do have an insane knowledge of what is going on in the areas of interest but I am no closer to understanding what I want to end up with.

As Beatles once said it, “I don’t know, I don’t know”.

That is how I feel. To what end do I collect this knowledge and is it even a worthwhile knowledge to collect?

Of course by now I do understand all knowledge is worthwhile to gather. You never really know when it can be useful to sit on. I am constantly reminded of it usefulness while sitting in the right company, but aside of these spare moments. It is just a meaningless space inside my head filled up with small pieces of a bigger puzzle, which I cannot, by my own hands, put together.

Where I am now is a reflection of my choices last year. Choices made doing different encounters with the same guy. A guy who inspired me. Inspired me to take a sort of new direction in my life. New, in the sense of giving me knowledge and an understanding of a different business perspective, which I believe, in a bigger picture, I can use. Sort of, in the sense of being here is equal to getting me a little further down the road of the bigger picture.

Which is why I am currently sitting here by the window in my sort of office writing down me thoughts. Writing them down to make meaning of another encounter I made a few weeks back. The meaning behind my feeling of being trapped by the very same guy, which I went into a meeting with a few nights ago, with the thought of getting him onboard on a project which I have been thinking about for some now.

Feeling trapped because of the way the conversation went and a feeling of being sort of headhunted again. Having the exact feeling I had a little over a year ago, when I first meet the other guy. A feeling of being pulled into a world of dreams, once again. A world where nothing is probably worth the time - if time should be measured in gold.

So where did I take my swing for this direction?

Was it the moment when I first opened up my own company? Or the moment where I decided to take the opposite direction of science – instead started fiddling around with the creative world? Or was it the moment where I picked between a personal life and a life of work?